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Evolve Gymnastics is a family run gymnastics centre servicing Sydney's North West. The centre offers a range of gymnastics and sensorimotor programs primarily to children aged 4 months to 18 years. 


Our Mission - Building brighter futures

Our mission at Evolve Gymnastics is to build brighter futures for the children and families of our community. We play a constructive role in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and responsible children.


Our Philosophy

Evolve Gymnastics is a team of people who are passionate about supporting the physical, social and emotional development of children. We believe gymnastics is a fantastic platform from which we can teach life-long skills and promote a healthy, active lifestyle in a positive, encouraging and safe environment.

Evolve Gymnastics'  primary goal is to ensure that our program delivers more than just pure physical skill. Determination, work ethic, time management, team work, team spirit, sportsmanship and respect for self and others are all skills that will assist our students throughout the rest of their lives.  We measure our success not by the number on trophies on the wall, but rather, what each child takes with them when they leave the sport of gymnastics.

Evolve Gymnastics knows that the physical skills taught in gymnastics, including jumping, rolling, running, strength and flexibility are the basic aspects of many sports. No better foundation can be laid than one built on the basic activities of gymnastics. Gymnastics NSW sums it up well with their slogan 'Start here, go anywhere'. As an affiliated club of Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia, the team at Evolve Gymnastics understand the importance of strong foundation skills.

Evolve Gymnastics believes that children are the societies most valuable asset. As parents of a toddler, the owners understand the importance of your child's development. We will provide experiences for your child that we would wish for our own.